FinRisk Engine

Revolutionize the way you manage risk

  • Risk management by banks has traditionally been about how to understand, categorize and minimize exposure to vulnerabilities. This approach can mis-identify actual risks because of failed misperceptions of perceived risk.
  • Customers and clients are diverse, and risk in one sector or for one organization can be fundamentally different for another depending on the circumstances.
  • FinClusive starts from the premise that all are worth and in need of essential financial services , and our compliance processes help assure risk is addressed and mitigated for the most nuanced risk. FinClusive starts with “Yes”.

Better risk management

We take the industry standards for risk management and augment them to their fullest capacity to reorient financial crimes compliance to driving inclusion, globally. We work with our partners to understand their risk appetites, and help facilitate appropriate controls, due diligence measures and monitoring that help ensure organizations manage the diverse and ever-changing risk profiles of their clients and beneficiaries.

Assessing actual vs perceived risk

On top of data and investigative due diligence, FinClusive goes deeper. Combining user-supplied, third-party, and validated/trusted sources, our FinRisk engine incorporates rules-based escalation to drive enhanced due diligence, dynamic risk scoring, and enhanced compliance controls for your organization — helping you manage substantiated and informed risk factors.