CaaS Gateway

Inclusive Banking: The Compliant Gateway Between Traditional and Web-based Services

FinClusive's platform is designed for inclusion - enabling organizations anywhere to establish and manage accounts in the U.S. and move funds globally across digital asset and traditional rails, securely and in compliance with global FCC standards.

Simplify Your Treasury & Balance Management

Create and manage accounts for your organization with our U.S.-based bank partners.

Access basic treasury and ledger services in both USD fiat and virtual assets to manage liquidity, reserves, and your clients' settlement needs.

Embed Compliance Into Your Multi-form Payments

Ensure compliant routing and monitoring of payments:

Facilitate movements of value through our integrated banks and third party payments providers.

Access multiple ‘rails’ for payments including fiat (ACH, wires), digital asset (blockchain, Defi, P2P) with the essential transaction monitoring, blockchain analytics, and anti-fraud controls.

Blockchain Anchor Services

Access US banking through FinClusive's nodes across multiple blockchain and Defi networks (Stellar, Algorand, Cardano, Celo and more).

On- and off-ramp payments between fiat & virtual assets through multiple integrated exchanges.

Read our applicable Operating Provisions for a transparent experience
Note: FinClusive does not receive, store, custody, or transmit monetary value/currency/payment instruments. Our authorized partners handle all aspects of sending, receiving, or transmission of value via traditional banking or blockchain rails and funds are otherwise custodied or stored by our licensed, chartered, or otherwise regulated partners.

FinCap: FinClusive's [Compliance + Accounts + Payments] Gateway.

FinClusive connects traditional banking with blockchain-enabled payements and virtual asset network — with embedded compliance.

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A Single Integrated Platform

With our partner integrations - including banks of record (to custody funds), exchanges (to enable USD fiat-virtual asset conversions), and blockchain & Defi networks (for movement of value), our customers can direct funds movements securely and compliantly.

FinClusive's Gateway Services enable connectivity with banking and payment partners - with embedded AML compliance - in a single accounting, ledgering and messaging application.

Embedded Compliance

Conduct client onboarding with the assignment of KYC/KYB-backed credentials alongside transaction monitoring and AML controls.

Global AML monitoring, analytics and due diligence tools are at your fingertips and alongside - not separate - from your organization's and clients' financial needs.

API-driven Platform

Integrate seamlessly with any of our services with our convenient API-driven platform.

All functionality is enabled via APIs and via a simple web-based user interface. You can also access customizeable web forms for your workflow and client engagement.